Venica ViTETM is the world’s only portable device that combines rapid, precise laboratory grade test results at low cost.

The competitive advantages of ViTETM are:

  • Speed: Laboratory testing can take days or weeks before results can be obtained. Venica ViTETM analyses and delivers comparably accurate results in minutes at the point of test, enabling a faster diagnosis or result.
  • Accuracy: The quantitative tests are at least as sensitive as current laboratory methods. Immediate analysis after collection protects the integrity of the sample. This is in contrast to laboratory samples, which are at the mercy of storage and transport logistics often resulting in sample degradation. Urine degrades within 24 hours at room temperature.
  • Reliability: Direct and immediate sample testing negates concern associated with the ‘chain of custody’ during lab transportation.
  • Simplicity: Sample is inserted into a cartridge and placed into the ViTETM device for analysis. Results can be delivered to any internet connected device. No laboratory technicians required.
  • Efficiency: With ViteTM’s portability and cloud-based algorithms, its ability to streamline the process of fluid analysis is two-fold. It can bypass challenging and expensive sample transportation and refrigeration costs and eliminate the use of costly laboratories. ViteTM boasts time and cost-effectiveness whilst producing comparable laboratory-grade results.
  • Flexibility: Many instruments are specific to one test. ViTETM can test any fluid immediately after sample collection, for a quantified amount of substance. Examples include: blood vitamin D testing, urine workplace drug testing, water safety indications, security incident and potentially sputum and oils with full chemical and molecular analysis. All from the same device and one single use cartridge per fluid test.
  • Data Availability: Unlike the current solutions, ViTETM can provide real-time AI supported data analysis to run daily reports and address resources simultaneously available in multiple locations. Unlike the current solution. Facilitating the Department of Defense to address issues in a certain location instantly rather than 12 months later.